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Mission Impossible

Title: Mission Impossible
Chapter: Prologue
Characters/Pairings: DG/Cain, Az/Zero
Spoilers/Warning: PG-13... so far
Summary: AU. When DG and Az are abducted by a terrorist organization, it's Cain Private Investigations to the rescue.
Disclaimer: Tin Man and all its characters belong to Sci-Fi, RHI Entertainment, NBC Universal Television. The Wizard of Oz is the property of L. Frank Baum. I'm just doing a bit of borrowing.
Author's Note: Wherein Az is a total bitch witch, DG is to blame, Zero is a loveable asshole, and Cain is Cain... Seriously folks, it's a little OOC but that's what makes it fun.


“I blame you.”

DG looked up at her sister. “How is this my fault?”

“You’re the one who wanted to go out for a walk,” Azkadellia said, glaring. She stood up quickly and closed the distance from one side of the small cell to the other in seven steps. “Well Deege, you’ve got free reign in here. Have at it.”

DG glared at her sister as she continually paced back and forth. It really hadn’t been her fault. Honestly. All she’d wanted to do was get away from those damned, stuffy courtiers for a little while. It wasn’t bad enough that her parents were trying to sell Az off, but the fact they were pushing Az’s discards on her was too much. After that squat little prince with the huge nose from Id had tried to feel her up for the third time she’d had enough. It wasn’t her fault Az had joined her and it sure as hell wasn’t her fault they’d been captured by… By someone. They still weren’t quite sure who was holding them prisoner.

“So what are we supposed to do now?” DG sighed as Azkadellia finally ceased pacing and reclaimed her place on one of the two cots they’d been provided with. Even in this dirty cell, her sister was able to remain regal and graceful.

“Nothing,” Azkadellia snorted. “We’re princesses.”

“Ah.” DG nodded knowingly and sat back against the cold stone wall. “We wait to be rescued by Prince Charming.”

Azkadellia nodded. “Bingo.”


“You have the right to shut the hell up. Anything you say will be used against you. I promise.”

Cain looked up at his partner. “Zero, be nice.”

“This guy tried to smuggle a crate of pixies to the Other Side,” Zero said, rolling his eyes. He readjusted his knee so that it was digging just that much more into the criminal’s lower back and tightened the cuffs around the man’s wrists. “And you’re the one that took this job. I wanted to take the Jacobi case, remember?”

Cain nodded as he watched Zero roughly jerk the criminal to his feet. Zero was right, of course. The Jacobi case would have been cake, but Cain was utterly tired of dealing with petty criminals. Ever since he and Zero opened the doors to their private investigation practice three years before Cain had been up to his pretty blue eyes in robbers and thugs. He was ready for something different, and when one of the Queen’s lieutenants had asked him to quietly investigate the pixie trade he’d jumped. It may have taken more time and effort than their usual gigs, but seeing the look on that smuggler’s face when Zero had jumped on his back from the roof had been worth the weeks of physical and emotional turmoil.

“You can choose the next case,” Cain muttered as Zero pushed the restrained man into the wagon.

“Really?” Zero asked as he slammed the barred door shut. He rounded the backside of the wagon and eased his back against his horse, Blitz. “Then we should begin casing Larry’s Strip Club as soon as possible.”

“I take that back,” Cain said. “You can help choose the next case.”

Zero shrugged. “Whatever.”